Update 2 June 23rd: SpaceX has successfully re-launched and landed a Falcon 9 first stage for the second time.

Check it out in the GIF above and the image of the landing below.

[Update June 23rd] Should the launch go to plan today you will be able to watch it live via the embed below.

[Update June 18th] Today SpaceX announced that they have delayed the re-launch of their Flacon 9 first stage for their BulgariaSat-1 by another few days, pushing it back once again after they previously pushed it back from June 17th to June 18th.

That launch didn’t happen today due to them having “to replace a fairing valve”  they revealed this with the following tweet:

The cool thing is that this would coincide with the Iridium-1 launch, making next week a very exciting one.

We will update you as we hear more about both of these launches.

[Update June 17th] SpaceX is now targeting June 18th for their BulgariaSat-1 launch.

[Original Story] SpaceX has today revealed that they will be reusing another previously launched Falcon 9 first stage on June 17th for the BulgariaSat-1 launch.

This booster was first used for a launch on January 14th and will be launched roughly six months after SpaceX first re-used a Falcon 9 first stage for its SES-10 mission back on March 30th, should the launch be successful.

The turnaround for that previous re-launch was around a year, so should this second re-launch be successful, SpaceX would have made massive improvements with just a few weeks of turnaround time.

As time goes on, SpaceX hopes to re-launch all of their Falcon 9 stages within 24 hours of its first use, allowing it to launch in as short of a timeframe as possible, allowing it to reduce costs for both SpaceX and for the companies who are launching with SpaceX.

We will update you as the BulgriaSat-1 launch happens, so be sure to keep it locked to TechNutty to find out the latest.

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