SpaceX has attempted to land on an ocean platform three times so far, the first two ended in flames but the most recent attempt in Janruary was a near success, but did also fail due to the Falcon 9’s landing legs failing to lock.

Despite these failures, SpaceX is not going to quit, announcing that it will make another launch attempt and possible ocean landing on February 24th.

During this mission, SpaceX will also deploy an SES-9 satellite into orbit which will be done in order to expand the already existing SES network.

The SpaceX rocket is also expected to expand all available fuel to force it to attempt another sea-barge landing, instead of returning to the Florida-based landing site. Landing on an autonomous drone ship that is sized at around the size of a football field, and will remain a position within three meters despite weather conditions.

This is all set to kick off on February 24th, but if the weather is not favourable they also have a backup date of February 25th.

If SpaceX manages to succeed in this goal, they will be the first company to ever complete a successful sea platform landing, and will allow the company to have greater flexibility in future launches, when it hopes to send rockets into orbits every few weeks over the corse of 2016.

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