A few weeks ago Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 successfully landed itself for the first time, but despite this, the rocket did not do successfully this week.

Although the Falcon 9 did manage to land itself on the droneship, unfortunately, it then went on to fall over and then explode. The companies CEO, Elon Musk explained that this happened because one of the four legs did not engage properly on the landing, causing it to fall over.

This was an important test for SpaceX, given that their plan is to successfully land the Falcon 9 rocket after a mission in space, for which they will not carry enough fuel to return to their launch site after high-velocity missions, and so they are forced to land on a ship rather than land.

And whilst this might look like a complete failure, it actually isn’t, from this SpaceX has learned how to get the rocket to land on the droneship since last time, whilst finding out a possible future problem.

Check out the event in the video below.


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