If you haven’t yet picked up a PS4, or just fancy another one, you might want to check out this new special edition PlayStation 4 for Metal Gear Solid 5 that will be launching next month, featuring the Meter Gear Solid 5:: Ground Zeroes logo next to the Force Operation X (FOX) unit motif on the console, as well as including the game itself, the special edition will launch on March 20th in Japan.

Sadly no word has been announced for a global release, but give that the PS4 will launch officially in Japan on February 22nd, it might be smarter for the special edition console to launch there first.

Alongside the console announcement, Konami also announced a few states for the game, revealing that the PS4 version of the game will run at full 1080p at 60fps, whilst the Xbox One will be at 720p, which is weirdly the same as the previous generation consoles, which will run at 720p in 30fps on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

A prologue to The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes was first show off in a demo at E3 2013, and features Keifer Sutherland as Solid Snake in a new open world game engine, created specifically for the new games.

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