You may have noticed that we published a review for the HTC One earlier today, and with that we have one more review for your reading pleasure before the nights end.

If you’re going to buy any handset, be if cheap or expensive, it’s probably wise to pick up a case for it too, especially if its something like HTC’s One, and what better a case than one that offers both protection and premium quality?

That’s just a couple of things we found to be great about the Speck CandyShell Grip for the HTC One, which we will be reviewing today thanks to MobileFun who sell this any many other HTC One cases on their site.

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Constructed with a dual material that is both hard and soft, the CandyShell Grip aims to offer protection for your device whilst adding to the looks of the phone itself, available in both black and white, the case looks great with the HTC One, with a similar minimal design to the Phone’s UI and design.

But that’s not all, as the CandyShell grip has one more trick up its sleeve, featuring rubberized ridges on the back of the case that will allow for extra grip when holding the phone, helping to stop any unwanted drops whilst on the go.

And if it should fall, Speck say that the case has been made to absorb shock, which once coupled with the raised edges, should stop any marks or scuffs ruining your new HTC One.

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There are a few problems however, the first is the bulk that this case adds, it’s quite a lot and will take some getting used to for the first couple of days, however after that we began to enjoy using the case more.

However that’s not even the biggie. The worst problem we found with the case was the slot for the power button on the top of the case, which has been cut way too conservatively, there’s simply no where near enough room to hit the power button without scrapping have your finger off, or actually looking at the top of the phone.

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Honestly, it’s a huge problem, that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the phone and is one that I probably wouldn’t recommend this case to others because of.

However I do have one simple suggestion to Speck in case they’re reading this (you never know), swap out the cut out on the bottom of the case (used for the USB connector), with the power buttons cut-out, doing this one small thing would defiantly make this case both a joy to use and something we could honestly recommend.

Disclousre: MobileFun sent us this case for review purposes.

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