According to recent reports, an online survey is currently being undertaken by the marketing firm GfK has leaked out for the Nintendo NX console.

According to the reports, this survey asked Nintendo fans about the upcoming NX console and reportedly listed a number of specifications.

The specs have since been posted on NeoGaf, which claims that the Nintendo NX will run at 900p, 60fps, along with support for 4K 60fps video streaming. But what is really interesting is the description of the console, with states it as a device where “gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handheld device.”

Nintendo NX survey

Obviously, this could have all been created to see if this is something that Nintendo fans want out of a console, and it might not actually be actual specs.

We expect that we will hear more official stuff at the E3 conference in June later this year.

Via: TechRadar

Source: NeoGaf

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