The last time that Sphero partnered with a film they unveiled the extremely successful BB-8 robot toy.

This week, they announced that they are expanding these film partnerships with a new cooperation with Disney. As part of this new partnership, Sphero revealed a new toy that has been based on the main character from the Cars series, Lightning McQueen, which makes around, plays games and much of what the BB-8 could do via a connection with an iOS or Android device and a companion app.

It all works over a Bluetooth connection, with which, it will allow the child to drive and drift the car around their room from up to 30 feet away for up to 40 minutes at 6 mph.

Kids will also be able to play a mobile game from the app, which is a virtual pitstop in which they can outfit their own cars.

The McQueen toy will also talk and offer the child with advice or reminders about the tools that they should acquire, and it even features a 320 x 120 LCD display on the front that is used to show an image of the car’s eyes, which will match whatever the toy is saying.

And there should be a lot to say as there are around 300 phases on board.

We don’t know about worldwide availability or pricing just yet, however, we do know that it will be available in the summer in the US this year for $299.

You can find out more at the source link below.

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