The co-founder of Android, Andy Rubin unveiled his new brand Essential, which is a brand new smartphone and device business from Rubin designed to bring some new tech to users, and most people are pretty excited about that.

Aside from Spigen anyway.

Today it was reported that the accessories manufacturer has stated that Essential actually infringes on their trademark for the name.

Spigen has sent Essential a cease and desist letter that orders them to stop using the name as Spigen believes that the brand might “cause confusion” between their range of Essential-branded mobile accessories, including chargers and headphones and the new Essential devices.

This is as according to Android Police, who stated in their report that they had acquired the legal documents that describe this case, in which they noted that Essential has previously had their own trademark application denied twice by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Here’s the document that Android Police posted:

It’s actually all pretty understandable as although Spigen doesn’t make smartphones, they generally cover them with their logo.

Essential (or whatever it might be named in the future) will have until June 15th to respond to the letter.

After that date, Spigen has says it is “prepared to take any and all actions to protect” its trademark, which probably be a court case.

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