Spigen SGP have an awesome selection of cases and accessories to choose from, a lot of which we have already reviewed here on TechNutty, the latest of those is the new mix and match cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S, which allow you to fully customise your Linear, Linear EX or Neo Hybrid case with 13 different color options.

The color options include gunmetal, dante red, lime, reventon yellow, satin silver, sherbet pink, champagne gold, soul black, smooth black, infinity white, smooth white, tender blue or fantansia hot pink. I’m unsure what the names actually mean but it’s probably best to take a look.

You can choose each of the colors individually by parts that simply slide and snap in all the pieces together.

Check out the video below for what we thought of the Spigen SGP Linear iPhone 4/4S case, and when your done don’t forget to check it out over at Cretouch.com where you can pick one up from around $21.

[jwplayer mediaid=”18291″]

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