Over time automation has grown around the world, with an ever increasing requirement for manufacturers to streamline their process, with even more complex tasks to complete.

To allow manufacturers to compete more efficiently in this ever growing world of automation , Siemens launched their Totally Integrated Automation Portal (the TIA Portal), which is a complete engineering framework that will allow its user to completely control their entire digital automation system from one portal, allowing you to complete tasks faster, more efficiently and with even more flexibility.

It will work with open, virtual, and networked cloud solution, allowing manufacturers to take advantage of scalable solutions, increase productivity, and make tasks easier to complete.

Siemens says that this system will allow you to cut down your time-to-market dramatically, boost your productivity through data consistency and be more transparent with your operations. It does all of this by using a standardised operating concept for controllers, human machine interfaces, and drives, allowing you to manage your entire system to complete any and all of your automation tasks with visualisations and easy to set-up configurations to get your automation equipment doing what it should be.

It will also show all of your current tasks to provide complete transparency over what your system’s status is, and the ability to use pre-built library to control your automation.

It is upward compatible, and will work with all systems. Go ahead and give it a look in the video below.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Siemens, but all thoughts are our own.

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