A few years ago automation was hard, requiring huge machines to control that automation, which are slow, bulky, and hard to use.

With LOGO!, Siemens changed all of that with a logic module that is extremely small, very easy to use, and a lot faster than what automation has previously been like.

What makes LOGO! particularly interesting is that it spans both the consumer and the commercial market, due to it being so small and easy to use, you will find LOGO! used with anything from automation in the home, all the way up to solutions for a number of basic machines or plants.

LOGO! also includes an integrated display, which allows it to show and change the process parameters of your automation, with a number of functions inbuilt that allow users to set an on/off delay, weekly timer, pulse generator, astro timer, annual timer, stopwatch, and much more.

In total there are more than 40 functions available to use with LOGO!, but customers can add even more to that by programming their own macro functions and creating libraries from tested subfunctions.

And this can even be done on the go as LOGO! also has the ability to be controlled via an Ethernet connection remotely.

This week it is LOGO!’s 20th anniversary and Siemens is celebrating it with the release of a new video that explains just how far LOGO! has come, and how it has changed both the world and Siemens as a company.

Check it out below.

This post has been sponsored by Siemens, but any opinions within it are our own.

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