One of the best features of listening to the radio is discovering new music you haven’t heard before but with Internet streaming services like Spotify we just don’t listen to it anymore, and that’s why Spotify originally released their Radio feature for the desktop version, but since it was only a desktop version if cut out the portability of an actually radio not allowing for slow games in the car on the way to work.

But that’s all changed with Spotify’s most recent US update to its iOS application, allowing iPads and iPhones to access this feature as long as they live in the states and have a Spotify account, all be it premium or free. The feature can generate an unlimited number of radio stations within various artist, album, song and playlist groups, alongside that you can also integrate it with Facebook to allow your radio streams to appear on your Facebook stream, you can even make new stations from friends playlists.

You can also thumb up and down selected tracks, and populate a new “Like From Radio” playlist, which would be available on all of your devices, if you’re a Premium user you will also get an unlimited number on song skips, whilst free users will get a currently unknown amount, but it’s defiantly going to be limited.

We don’t know when this will be hitting Android, but if you’re an iOS user go ahead and download the update today, unless you live in the UK like me then you can just sit and a corner and think about all the tech we never get.

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