Spotify has today announced a new feature for its service called Touch Preview, designed to make discovering music on the service easier.

The new feature basically allows you to preview a track, artist, song, album or a playlist before selecting play, Sten Garmark, VP of Product at Spotify explains more:

“For decades, music fans have had to rely on a rather clumsy way of scanning through songs, albums and playlists, with Touch Preview we’re taking music discovery to the next level, offering our listeners a unique and entirely new way of finding out what to listen to. It means less time looking for the perfect music, and more time actually listening to it.”

You can check out the new feature via the video embed above.

Touch Preview is now available on the Spotify for iPhone app, and will be making its way to other versions of Spotify shortly.

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source Spotify

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