Shortly after an employee at Three tweeted that Spotify will be making its way to Windows Phone 8 soon, it has done just that, with the app launching on the platform just a few minutes ago.

The app is one that has been long-awaited and will certainly be accepted among the Windows Phone elite, however will it be successful with Microsoft’s own service competing directly.

One reason I wonder this, is due to the fact that Microsoft’s service is a pound cheaper a month at, £8.99 compared to Spotify’s £9.99 monthly price tag.

However the app is so far only in beta, so only time will tell. You will still be able to access offline syncing features and all the others you would normally expect however.

You can try the service for 30 days for free as long as you haven’t used Premium before.

P.S. We will have a review up for the Windows Phone 8X by HTC (featured in the image above) soon.

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