Spotify has today announced the launch of a new package for its music streaming service that will allow all of a users family members to access a full and personalised Spotify Premium account at the cost of one discounted fee.

On these accounts users can add up to four users, all of whom will get the full Spotify experience in return, including offline play and music playback without the ads.

As of yet the company has yet to be revealed for the US of the UK, however some are saying that the US price could be around $24.99 a month in the US for four accounts on the family package and probably around £24.99 a month in the UK.

According to the announcement the new Spotify Family package will roll out to all markets over the “coming weeks” and is “is one of the most asked for features from our audience,” according to Ken Parks, the chief content officer at Spotify, who continued to state the following in his statement:

“With today’s announcement we’re making it easier than ever for the whole family to experience Spotify Premium on their phones, at home and on the go.”

As of yet not much more than that has been announced, but if we find out anything extra we will be sure to update you.

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