Spotify today announced that they currently have over 5 million paying customers and over 20 million active users, but they still aim to update their music streaming service with a new recommendations engine that will allow users to discover new music and artists to listen to.

The new “discovery” tab will provide somewhat of a news feed for artists that will show suggestions of artists you should listen to, suggesting new ones against what you have already listened to.

Artists can also run their own profile pages that users can follow and artists can use to publish new playlists to display in the discovery tab.

Alongside artists you can also follow bloggers, celebrities and anyone else you know in order to view their playlists, for which Spotify will now send you push notifications when artists add new tracks and albums to their library.

Last up is a new audio preview feature that as you can probably guess will let you listen to a snippet of a track without losing where you where in the previous.

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