The music streaming subscription service Spotify today announced that they now have more than 50 million paid subscribers, which is a huge increase from the 40 million paid subscribers that they revealed back in September of last year, to be precise, it’s an increase in user-base of around 25% over just about five months, proving that the service does still have huge traction, despite the launch of other competing services.

And that is despite them offering a pretty decent ad-supported free service, that lasts forever.

In contrast, their closest competitor is probably Apple Music, who revealed that they had more than 20 million subscribers back in December of last year.

They have yet to provide a recent number of that figure, however, we do expect that it won’t be anywhere close to 50 million. We will likely hear more about Apple’s Music at WWDC.

This is despite Apple only offering a 90-day free trial and a similar pricing scheme to Spotify.

This could show that users are either a lot happier with Spotify, have only recently tried it out (and are still in trial), or they simply don’t like how Apple Music works.

Of course, Spotify has had many years to build upon their audience and has become a well-known service for listening to music.

Apple plans to build upon their audience with a number of exclusive deals with artists as well as original video series, such as the upcoming Carpool Karaoke series that will soon air on Apple Music.

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