Spotify has this week launched a new feature called Spotify Party.

Available from today, and soon from within the Spotify app, Spotify Party aims to be your own technological DJ at parties, able to create professional mixed playlists according to Spotify, containing “brilliantly beat-matched music”.

To do this Spotify partnered with Diplo, allowing them to create an exclusive set of content for the playlists, each of which contains more than 120 curated tracks.

The playlists are also tuned to the mood you want.

The professionally beat-mated music will also be blended with the next, allowing for non-stop music without interruptions.

Spotify hopes that this new feature will allow users to set the mood for a range of events, from a birthday party to a formal dinner.

You can find out more information on Spotify’s blog at the source link below.

Source: Spotify

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