Yesterday Spotify announced its first major redesign in a year, with a new interface for the iPhone, desktop and web application being rolled out today, and other platforms soon after. The redesign brings in a new black background and dark theme, with flat and bright aesthetics.

There’s also two new features, that includes both Your Music and an improvement to the current Browse feature, with “more relevant and localised content”.

Your Music adds a new area in the app on the menu bar, allowing users to save albums and tracks to a list, a list which will then be automatically sorted, and available to listen too.

Browse also now has curated playlists, which can be changed from different times of the day, or for a certain day of the week.

“Content should take first place in the Spotify experience,” Michelle Kadir, director of product of Spotify said, “Like the lights dim and the movie pops out in the cinema, so does the content. We want to have everything else dimmed out and let the artists’ imagery take centre stage.”

Alongside the new dark design, Spotify has also tweaked the typography and iconography for the app, with more a more rounded design in places

Spotify’s new design is available already, available for users who have the £9.99 monthly subscription or the ad-supported service.

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