Spotify has rolled out a new update this week for its application, allowing users to access a new featured called Discover Weekly, which will create a two hour playlist of music based on your listening habits and those of similar fans every week.

The feature will be available to users slowly, but is rolling out to Spotify’s desktop, web and mobile applications every week. The new feature will also be updated each and every Monday with a fresh playlist.

Matthew Ogle who joined Spotify and is a co-founder of explained in an interview with Music Ally.

The original vision for Discover Weekly was that we wanted to make something that felt like your best friend making you a mixtape, labelled ‘music you should check out’, every single week.

Each one, especially when combined with other activity on Spotify, captures someone’s deliberate curatorial intent, and teaches us a ton about the relationships between songs.

So we take that universe of music, then look at what you’ve been listening to, giving more prominence to your more recent spins. By combining those two things, we can find the missing songs.

Discover Weekly is humans all the way down; we can only create a truly personalised playlist every Monday morning for 75 million people because we have so many music lovers on the service already, soundtracking their lives in ways we can learn from and build atop. Our algorithms stand on the shoulders of (human) giants.

Source: Music Ally

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