It appears that Spotify are working on a new web app for the streaming platform, the new app is currently in a beta which was previously thought to a closed beta but after a reader tipped EnGadget it turns out the app is actually available to anyone using this link which simply activates your account through Facebook, I’m not sure if you must have your Facebook account linked to your Spottily however.

From my quick look the app works great, and allows you to play all of your playlists right from your browser with no worries, in the tab bar is a feature I actually really liked as their it shows how long music has been playing where the title of the site should be, just a small feature I really thought added a lot to the app.

Alongside your playlists you can also play what they have called Radio stations, sort of like Pandora or Rdio, you can also search or view the What’s New tab to see all the music that has just been added.

Check out the screenshots from the app below.

[dopts id=”15″]

Via: EnGadget

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