The SPY-C Tank is a new portable iOS and Android surveillance system that can be controlled via an app that allows you to move the vehicle as well as the position and the amount the built-in camera is zoomed in/out.

The tank, once connected will stream live video from the SPY-C to your smartphone and will allow you to record video and capture photos, alongside which you can also use the tank as a walkie-talkie.

The great thing about the SPY-C Tank is that you don’t even need a permanent Wi-Fi connection as the SPY-C creates its own one, allowing you to use it both indoors and outside, the added night-vision mode also allows you to conduct your surveillance in the dark.

All of your videos and pictures can the be shared via email and various social networks once they have been recorded onto your device.

The tank has been designed by Logicom and is being launched by Retail Approach for sale in the UK from October for £129.99.

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