A short time ago a mysterious website turned up on the internet, titled Square Enix’s secret project, which once loaded brings up a short teaser video you can watch above.

After watching the video you may notice a few things, the first being that the game is obviously an RPG of some sort, as well as this everything seems to be in Japanese but according to translations the video lists a number of keywords including crystal and summons alongside names of three summonable monsters for the Final Fantasy series, Odin, Titan, and Diablos. Which could mean another Final Fantasy game, to back this up you may recognise the crystal design, which I thought looks very reminiscent of the one in Final Fantasy.

Alongside the trailer there was also a countdown clock with fewer than 158 hours remaining , which we are presuming could lead to some more details released or maybe even a full trailer much like what Ubisoft did with Assassin’s Creed 3. As always we will make sure we keep you up to date if we find anything more out.

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