For some time now we have been hearing rumours that Apple will launch their own TV set and those rumours aren’t over yet. Today another leak was released that builds upon the rumour that Apple will release a standalone OLED TV.

This leak is a set of blurry images from the Chinese microblogging site Weibo that claim to show a very blurry view of this rumoured TV set.

They were first spotted by the leaker Benjamin Geskin, who translated the post to reveal phrases like “Apple OLED TV spy photos” and “about 60 inches” in the details of the TV. Despite these images being extremely blurry, we can see some details about the rumoured TV, which seems to have a very narrow and metal frame.

And all of it comes with a sleek design.

In the other photos (pictured above), we can see what seems to be a closed-circuit TV that seems to be front and rear views of the TV, which is sitting on a rotating desk.

And then the TV seems to have moved rooms.

We don’t have a clue how official this is just yet.

We expect to hear more very soon if it is, however, it’s possible that this is something that Apple is just working on.

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