EA has just released a short teaser trailer on Twitter that enhances the hype for Star Wars: Batllefront even more.

In the trailer EA shows of their new Fighter Squadron mode that will be coming with Battlefront, and is set to be unveiled in an official and full trailer later this week.

What we currently have is a short teaser trailer, it doesn’t show too much but it does give us some glimpses of the Tie Fighter and X-Wing in the new dogfighting mode, showing off huge battles between fighter squadrons.

In the footage that is expected to be released later this week we expect to see more about the squadron mode, we expect it will be released during the EA conference at Gamescom on Wednesday at 1AM PT, 4AM PT and 9AM BST on August 5th.

We do already know that Fighter Squadron will be one of many games to be included in Battlefront, with others including Walker Assault, Supremacy, Blast, Drop Zone, and Cargo, there will also be a co-op mode called Survival.

We will update you as we hear more about Star Wars: Battlefront.

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