Valve has today announced that they will be expanding their video game services to provide a new video game streaming service.

The new streaming service will be launched as part of a new broadcasting feature for their Steam service, which is a gaming distribution platform.

The new steaming feature has been launched in beta today, available to allow anyone to watch other people play games, and even watch your friends play at a click of a button according to Valve.

Users can also select to show their broadcast publicly, allowing anyone to join in a view the stream.

All of this will work through the Steam client as well as within specific web browser like Chrome or Safari, however at the moment you can only view currently live streams, and you are unable to watch any later.

This might remind some of the Twitch game streaming platform that has been an established option for many different gamers for some time.

Since its launch Twitch quickly become extremely successful and recently Amazon even acquired the company for nearly $1 billion earlier this year.

You can find out more about the launch at the link below, and even sign up for the beta.

Source: Steam broadcasting

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