Valve has today announced a new milestone for Steam, revealing that the service has just surpassed 65 million users, which is a puts at about 2nd place in terms of online gaming platforms, with Xbox LIVE only having 48 million users they come 3rd, and Sony’s PlayStation Network is still at the top spot with 110 million users.

However that shouldn’t make Valve’s 65 million users seem unimpressive, considering they only had 15 million active users this time last year.

With over 3,000 games it doesn’t come at a surprise however, a lot of users have gone to the service over the last year after hearing about its cheap games and deals throughout the year, the most recent being the Halloween special.

Valve also announced their plans for expansion recently, revealing their new Steam Machines and Steam OS programs alongside a new controller, that will all join together to bring Steam to the big screen.

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