Valve have just announced something new for you to spend your hard-earned funds on.

The Steam Community Market which launched as part of a Beta test earlier today and will allow users of Steam to buy and sell in-game items.

Within the market users can use funds from their Steam Wallet in order to purchase goods from the store and even earn fund towards their wallet by selling items, which once listed can be viewed on the Community Market page itself or within a players personal inventory.

As part of the Beta only consumables and tools from Team Fortress 2 are available to be sold and purchased through the store with more titles coming early next year, for each transaction Valve will however charge a fee of 15%, which will be collected in order to protect against payment fraud and to cover development costs of the market itself.

Valve also announced that Team Fortress 2 will also come with its own game-specific fee to be determined by the company.

Source: Steam Community Market

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