Steve Wozniak often provides his opinions on a range of different technologies from time to time, but despite being one of the co-founders of Apple, those opinions are often the most honest opinions going, event when talking about Apple’s own products, even going as far as to call out Apple for its lack of innovation, and even being rather aggressive with companies like Samsung.

So his recent interview with the BBC is really interesting, as this time we get to see his thoughts on a yet to be released product, the Apple Watch, in which he said that “Apple makes their products more fun than anyone else…it’s going to be so special, everyone is going to notice…everyone who owns Apple products will buy it. That means millions of people will buy this watch right from the start.”

Looking for something that is more than a simple Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, Woz also stated that the Apple Watch will be more than your average smartphone, pointing out that the the new watch would be especially significant for those who have diabetes for instance, allowing users to monitor their blood sugar with having to use any other products, or drawing blood.

For his own Watch however Woz shown off his own 45-year-old watch that was made up of three vacuum tubes that turn on tell him the time only when he moves his wrist, saving battery life.

Steve Wozniak then goes on to talk about what Apple might be planning for after the Apple Watch has been released, suggesting a move into self-driving cars, drones and Artificial Intelligence,

You can watch the full interview from the BBC below.

Source: BBC

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