The iPad is one of the best-looking tablets available, however, that design comes at a huge trade-off and that is its durability, which means that if you drop it you are probably going to be paying out a huge amount to get it fixed.

Sadly many of the case options out there don’t fit up to the same aspirations as the iPad, generally looking too plastically and deteriorating the design of the iPad itself.

STM’s Dux case tries to change this, featuring a durable design that they say will keep it safe from drop damage, but with a sleek design that still allows you to show off your iPad.

The main section of the case is made from a hard-wearing polycarbonate with a rubberized TPU bracket that is the main defense against drops, this section wraps snuggly around the iPad and features decently sized cut-outs for the mute switch, speakers, microphone, camera and Lightning port.

Although these cut-outs do make for easy access, sadly the Lighting cut out is a little too flimsy.

Around the corners of the case you will find extra support, which will hold the iPad in firmly should you drop it, STM conducted a military spec drop test to test this, dropping an iPad in the case 26 times from a height of 1.22 meters.

The case also features a lip around both the back of the case and the front of it, meaning it should be raised enough to avoid scratches on either side.

STM Dux iPad Air Review 7

But the STM Dux is not just about protection, and it also features some cool design features that complement the iPad well, including the clear plastic panel on the back that shows off most of the back of your iPad, putting the Apple logo and branding in the spotlight.

STM says that this is not only to allow you to show off your purchase, but also design the back of the case yourself with personalised designs, photographs or even notes.

STM Dux iPad Air Review 1This is then finished off with the flip cover, with wraps around the front of the device in a similar way to the Apple Smart Cover, featuring magnets that allow it to automatically lock/ unlock the iPad when closed/ opened.

On the inside of this cover you will find a nice microfibre lining that should keep the iPad screen clean and protected, then on the front, there’s a coloured textured plastic finish that makes the iPad grippy with a carbon fibre-esk look to it.

Unlike the Apple Smart Cover, the cover on the Dux is not held on by the iPad’s magnets, but a magnet around the back of the case, which keeps it nicely secure when closed, or when folded.

In terms of folding positions, there’s only one option, but unlike other cases we have seen, this position is, at least, secure enough to hold under the pressure of typing, whilst offering a better angle for working or viewing content.

All-in-all I was happy with the case during the process of my review, it works well and still keeps the iPad looking great.

If you are interested in picking one up, you can do so from STM’s website here, it’s available in black, red and blue for around £45.

STM Dux case for iPad Air review
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