A new gadget has been launched on Kickstarter this week, called Blipcast it is basically a reverse Chromecast, allowing the user to stream audio from their TV to their smartphone, allowing you to listen to that audio with a set of headphones wirelessly.

It will work with any pair of headphones that can be plugged into an iOS or Android device.

The end that plugs into your TV is a smaller black box, that features a stylish angular design, it should look good enough to sit right next to your TV, but it is small enough to hid behind it also. It connects to your TV using a 3.5mm audio jack, or the RCA ports, with a connection to a USB port for power.

To use it you will need to download the app for iOS or Android, which has a simple interface that allows you to easily control the volume or stop the audio, it also allows you to switch between multiple Blipcast units that you may have around the house.

You can check it out at the source link below, where you can back the project for as little as $79 to grab one of your own.

Source: Kickstarter

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