The biggest annoyance with 3D technology is wearing the glasses, thankfully there are people out there who know this and are coming up with a better glasses-free solution.

One of those people is Stream TV Networks, who have just revealed to the world this new technology they are calling, Ultra-D. The technology will work with a variety of devices including PCs, Picture Frames, Tablets and TVs, and will allow you to view full 3D content without glasses.

The technology all mounts into an auto-converter box which will convert any 2D content into 3D, as we said before, without glasses. All the user does is vplug-in their device and watch in full 3D.

Currently the technology has not been released to the public, but stream TV Networks has just announced that they will be setting up public displays of the new product in France, Germany, Scotland, Prague, Tapei, Philadelphia, Beijing, Shanghai, London and New York in time for the Olympics.

Their new 42 inch TV sets are already being shown in these locations (details in PR) for the rest of the week, as well as being shown of during the Summer of 3D, where they will be showing the technology of in bars across the world.

The more interesting thing is that they have also said they will be announcing a new partnership with one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers at this years IFA, I can’t help but wonder who that could be…

Check out the press release below for more information and check out for even more details.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]Ultra-D™ 3D Without Glasses TV on Public Display in France, Germany, Scotland, Prague, Taipei, Philadelphia, Beijing , Shanghai, London and New York to arrive in time for the 2012’s spectacular sporting event

 Philadelphia, PA (July 17, 2012) – Stream TV Networks, Inc.TM ( announced today the locations for the Ultra-D™ televisions for public viewing in time for the 2012 competition. The Belushi’s chain ( will display 42-inch Ultra-D™ televisions at their London, Edinburgh, Prague, Berlin and Paris locations. Belushi’s is the most prominent sports bars in Europe and is known for its rich variety of patrons.

Ultra-D™ TVs will also be available in New York, Philadelphia, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

Live 2D and stereoscopic 3D broadcasts will be autoconverted into stunning 3D without glasses Ultra-D™ format in real-time using the Ultra-D™ SeeCube™ Conversion Box. The SeeCube™ is the heart of the Ultra-D™ technology which converts nearly all forms of content to the Ultra-D™ 3D without glasses format. “From the Grand Opening Ceremony to everything sports offers, consumers can watch in spectacular glasses-free 3D” says Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks.

The locations will also host demos highlighting Ultra-D technology’s compatibility with the iPad®, iTunes®, Appstore® and the Apple TV®. Content from sites like Netflix® and Hulu® or devices like BluRay® players, XBOX® and the PS3® will have an extra appeal as the SeeCube™ converts everything to autostereoscopic 3D. This year, viewers will be able to make memorable history by seeing the upcoming summer festivities and athletics in London for the first time ever in 3D without glasses as the technology converts nearly any type of content to autostereo. Matt Young, the company’s representative in London says: “The change that Ultra-D brings from all the other 3DTVs is mind blowing.”

The Belushi locations selected for public display of the Ultra-D™ televisions:

  • 13-15, Shepherd’s Bush Green,London W12 8PH
  • 9-13 Market Str, Edinburgh, EH1 1DE
  • Mosaic House, Odburu 4, 12 00 Prague
  • Rosa-Luxemburg Str 39-41, 10178 Berlin
  • 159 Rue Crimee, 75019 Paris

The other locations selected are:

  • Blondies, 212 W 79th, New Yor,k, NY 10024
  • Walkabout, 11 Henrietta Str, London, WC2E 8PY
  • Miramar Hotel, No. 83, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd. Taipei 10491
  • Super Brand Mall, 168, Lujiazui Xi Rd, Pudong, Shanghai
  • Grand Gateway, No. 1 Hongqiao Rd, Xujiahui, Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • Dinghao PC Mall, Room 4955, Building A, Phase 2 Dinghao Electronic City, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

For more company information:


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