Streamz Media has today launched what they are calling the “world’s first Smart headphones with integrated Bluetooth, WIFI, HIFI streaming music player and storage”, featuring the ability to play music and audio from its onboard music storage, as well as to play music from streaming services such as Pandora (no confirmation on other services yet), as well as from your smartphone or an AV Receiver with the addition of an optional interface module.

The headphones are also said to use a 48KHz/16-bit CD quality DAC, also featuring 3W vibration drivers and a 160mW dynamic amp, allowing the headphones to stream CD quality audio.

The Smart Headphones also have bi-amped 2-way speakers that measure 50mm and feature an internal storage space of 4GB that can be expanded with a MicroSD card sized up to 36GB.

The Smart Headphones from Streamz Media will ship in March 2014 for $549 in the US (no international dates or pricing have been confirmed yet).

Source: Streamz Media

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