When it comes to earphones you really only have two choices, a cheap pair that doesn’t look too great but probably sounds decent enough, or an expensive pair that might look a lot better and improve the sound quality, but they are a lot more expensive, so what do you do if you don’t want to spend too much money, but still want a pair of earphones that both look great and sound great.

Well, a company called Sudio think they might have the pair for you, priced from just £55 they are extremely cheap considering their high-end design, but do they still perform as well as you would expect them to? Well, that’s what we hope to answer for you in this review.

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As soon as you pick up the VASA you are greeted with great design, with a neat box that sets the earphones aside from the usual plastic wrapped set, it’s a great first sign to see when looking for a set of earphones or headphones as it shows that the company has a good attention to detail, even if you are probably going to throw the box away.

Then you get to the earphones themselves, available with either a rose gold, pink or blue metallic finish, you can style your VASA to your preference, mixing your chosen metallic finish with either a black or white flat cable.

Sudio VASA review 1The review unit we received was designed with a black cable and rose gold finish, a design which we really enjoyed as it not only complements each other, but it also looks great alongside other technology products that you might be using the earphones with, especially if you have one of the new Rose Gold iPhones for example.

Aside from this accent of colour, the VASA earphones feature a refined design that has not been logo abused, this makes the earphones look a lot more premium, and maybe even a little custom to anyone who don’t know what they are. In fact, the only branding that you will find is a small amount of text towards the top of the earphones, which is nice as earphones and headphones are all too often overdone and can begin to look a little tacky if over logo’d.

By using flat cables the VASA continue this sleek and clean design all the way down to the 3.5mm jack, whilst allowing them to be somewhat tangle free, and when you are ready to put them away, they also come with a leather pouch, which is always great to see included with any set of earphones, but that’s not the only accessory, you also get a cable clip and some extra earbuds.

In the centre on the cable, you will also find a 3 button inline remote and mic, which allows you to control music playback, control your volume and answer/reject calls without taking out your phone.

These buttons are nice and tactile, and are quite easy to press on the go, however, we would have liked to have seen some keep of dotted texture on the middle button, just to make it easier.

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In terms of sound, the Sudio VASA feature a 10,2 mm dynamic speaker driver, which has an 113dB SPL @ 1 kHz sensitivity, 32 Ohm @ 1kHz impedance and an 18 Hz – 23 kHz frequency response.

When it actually comes to listening to them, this results in a decent amount of sound for such a cheap pair of earphones, however, it’s not something that will amaze the audiophile in you, that said, it’s probably going to be hard to find a pair of earphones at this price that will.

During our tests, we were actually pretty pleased with the sound of the VASA, it’s crisp and clear, without too much focus on bass, but enough to put it in the centre of the stage.

That said, unlike other bass rich earphones, the VASA still has decent sounding vocals and a rich sounding percussion, that isn’t overtaken by bass, or over exaggerated, the latter is something you often find with high-hats and symbols, but thankfully not on the VASA.

Those who like a lot of bass probably won’t enjoy these headphones all too much then, however, if you want a good all rounder with a bit of a kick then they are definitely an awesome option to choose.

If you are interested, you can pick up a pair from Sudio’s website, they are priced at around £55.

Disclosure: Sudio sent us a sample of the VASA earphones for review purposes.

Sudio VASA iPhone earphones review
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