A new Kickstarter project launched this week, called the SunnyBAG LEAF+ Hybrid Solar Panel, it claims to be the perfect solution to getting power on the go.

The creators of the project claim that the SunnyBAG Leaf+ is the world’s strongest and lightest solar panel.

On top of being extremely portable, the LEAF+ can provide up to 4,000mAh of power, which would allow you to charge up to two iPhone’s from dead, making it a great option for anyone who goes camping a lot, or visits the odd festival.

It might even be a good option if you are getting ready for a possible zombie apocalypse.

They are looking to raise up to €22,000 on the platform and they have already raised over €13,000 at the time of writing. The creators say that if they do achieve this goal it will be available later this year.

Check it out at the source link below, where you can back the project and find out more.

Source: Kickstarter

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