Super Mario Run marks a big change for Nintendo and if it becomes a success then we are likely to see a lot more apps come from Nintendo soon after it.

And it seems that it might already be reaching that level of success.

Despite only being launched yesterday, reports from the analytics firm Apptopia have today been released stating that the game has already been downloaded 2.85 million times from the iTune App Store.

This means that Super Mario Run may already be the highest downloaded game for its first day, beating Pokemon Go massively, which was downloaded 900,000 times in its first day of availability.

That said, on its launch day Super Mario Run was launched in 150 countries, while Pokemon Go only debuted in three countries, rolling out to the rest of the world over time, and according to Apptopia, Pokemon Go did receive 5.6 million downloads by day three.

That said, given that it is a game from Nintendo and it has been highly anticipated for some time now, it is likely that Super Mario Run will reach much higher download numbers soon, possibility even breaking Pokemon Go’s first-week download record.

Of course, we don’t know any official numbers yet, and there’s still a long way before the game breaks that record, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear more.

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