What is claimed to be the “world’s lightest headphone amplifier” has this week been launched on Kickstarter.

Called AQUA, the amplifier set the goal of raising $16,000 on the crowdfunding platform with its sleek and super light design, providing users with an option to improve their headphones in a portable package that doesn’t compromise on quality.

NEXUM, the developers of AQUA claim that it is able to provide “studio-quality” music from your device in any activity, be it jogging, travelling to work or just chilling out on the sofa.

Not only that, they also claim to be the “world’s only battery-free” amplifier that is designed specifically for use with headphones, they do this by connecting directly to the mobile device via a microUSB or Lightning cable, and once plugged in its built-in DAC will support 34bit/ 192kHz playback.

Check out the video below for a quick look, also make sure to head on over to the project page at the source link below. From there you can pledge from $39 to be one of the first to get an AQUA headphone amplifier.

Source: Kickstarter

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