The first Pokemon Go celebration event from Niantic went down this weekend and was aimed as a way for the remaining Pokemon Go players to celebrate their love of the game and get the chance to not only catch some uncommon Pokemon but also capture the new Legendary Pokemon.

Sadly, the event didn’t go quite as Niantic originally planned.

Right from the start, attendees were forced the queue up for as long as a few hours, and even after getting in after that long wait time, and travel time the game simply didn’t work.

Cellular providers weren’t able to keep up with the demand on their network from the event and the app had some underlining issues that caused a number of other bugs that stopped users from even logging into or opening the game.

Niantic did rectify this later on with full refunds for all of the attendees, $100 of free in-game Pokecoins, and even a free Lugia.

But before then, the crowd already had their response for the team at Niantic, specifically John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO, to whom they chanted their stories about not be able to play and a bottle was even thrown.

The YouTuber bobvids rounded this up in a supercut video, check it out below.

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