Suunto, the precision tracking company has today unveiled a brand new watch line-up that has been designed for sports and created with the aim of tracking everything that you do.

They plan to do this by using their GPS expertise to provide the Spartan Ultra with extremely good tracking features.

Able to withstand water submersion up to 100 metres, which makes it great for swimming activities, it also features a glass fibre reinforced polymide casing, with a sapphire glass colour display.

It also can be designed with either a grade 5 titanium or stainless steel bezel.

In terms of actual features, the Spartan Ultra comes with GPS tracking, barometric altitude sensors, a digital compass, an accelerometer, an optional heart rate monitor and both Fused Alti and Fused Speed.

These all allow it to track anything from a triathlon to snowboarding. It does this a number of different modes for customizable tracking depending on your activity, as well as visual feedback on the screen, with data for training load, recovery status and both daily step and calorie counting.

The Suunto Spartan Ultra will come in four styles: Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra White and Suunto Spartan Ultra Black. And will be available from August.

The Titanium will be available for £585 while the standard Ultra will be priced at £545.

If you want a heart rate sensor with either, that’s an extra £40.

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