One of the biggest features to be added in Apple’s new iOS 8 is the ability to install third-party keyboards on the iPhone.

It’s claim that this is one of the biggest features already, given that one of the most popular options SwiftKey is already reporting a massive 1 million downloads in 24 hours.

The option was first released alongside the release of iOS 8, and since this time it has already reached the number 1 spot in the top free app charts in the US.

The app is likely doing so well because of the fact that it is available for free, given that other options like Swype and Fleksy are currently only being offered as a paid download, a strategy that likely won’t work in the favour given how many people already know about SwiftKey and will likely look for it upon install.

In our opinion SwiftKey is definitely the best option for a third party keyboard on iOS for now.

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