The previously Android only keyboard, SwiftKey has launched for Apple’s iOS, despite Apple stopping third-part developers to access the core operating system.

This regulation from Apple means that SwiftKey doesn’t bring its keyboard to every app, or even the system itself, as such the app is simply a dedicated note-taking application.

Dubbed SwiftKey Note, the app is available for free and works a lot like Evernote, allowing users to share and access notes with others, as well as featuring a row of suggested words above the keyboard as well as SwiftKey’s autocorrection technology, and auto syncing with Evernote.

“We wanted to put the app out there and see how people respond,” Ruth Barnett, VP of global communications at SwiftKey explained. “It will get constant updates to make it better, but you could just build forever. We felt as is, it is in really good shape so we wanted to share it.”

We quickly had a look at the app and it does work really well, however we couldn’t help but wish it could have been used to the same potential as the Android version.

The SwiftKey Note app is now available for iPhone and iPad on the App store.

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