Over the last few years we have seen a number of smart card announcements, the latest of which is a new smart wallet called SWRP.

Designed to combine all of your credit cards and store cards into one credit card sized device that measures just 0.8mm thick, meaning that you can cut down the amount of space needed in your wallet.

The card can then be managed via a companion application for either iOS or Android, and the card that your want to use can then be selected with the on-board buttons.

“The SWYP Card is designed to seamlessly integrate into our everyday lives. It begins with a revolutionary paper-thin PCB board that is populated with the tiniest components available. It goes through a series of assembly processes that result in durable metal cards that pass our rigorous tests.

Its dynamic magnetic stripe means that a single card can now change into another at the press of a button. The display is optimized to show you exactly the information you need, and the prediction algorithms determine exactly when you need it. All of this technology now fits inside a card that is less than 0.8 mm thick. Meet the simple, sleek, secure SWYP card.”

The Swyp smart wallet is now available to preorder for $49, half its retail value which will be $99 after the fall of 2015 when the device starts shipping.

You can find out more at the source link below or by watching the video just above it.

Source: SWRP

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