Synology have today announced their new 4-bay NAS server, which aims to bring the cloud to the home and office in a cheaper package, the DiskStation DS413J can be set up in a “few clicks with no disk installation” required, thanks to the Web Assistant software, which coupled with QuickCoonect makes it easy for pretty much any user to set their own private cloud.

With the QuickConnect software, users can also extend the coverage of the DS413J, without the need for router configuration, also included is a four bay drive, which packs 16TBs of internal storage, which can be mixed and matched between various sized hard drives without losing the RAID technology in-built.

As this system is a NAS, it can also be used to stream content to your TV or console, the server can also be used to sync and backup files across your networked computers automatically and even allow you to access all of that data on any internet capable device, whilst on the go.

The DiskStatiion DS413J is available to buy today for around $380 or around £300 here in the UK (it really depends on where you shop), you can check out the press release below for more information in the meantime however.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]Taipei, Taiwan-September 4, 2012-Synology® Inc. today launched the DiskStation DS413j, a 4-bay NAS server designed to address home and small office’s need for an advanced network and storage solution, yet remains as an affordable selection. Accompanied by recently debuted DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1, the operating system of every Synology NAS, users can safeguard their data and enjoy multimedia content seamlessly.”Synology continues to surpass all obstacles to achieve a budget-friendly private cloud,” said Chad Jiang, product manager at Synology Inc. The DS413j features Web Assistant that guides users to complete the system installation in a few clicks with no disc installation or patch download required. With QuickConnect, users can easily extend the coverage of DS413j to the Internet without router configuration. “When you factor in the built-in versatile features and mobile apps, the DS413j is truly a simple setup and economical private cloud for users,” added Jiang.

The DS413j features an upgraded platform with 1.6 GHz CPU and DDR3 512MB RAM that boost multitasking performance. Designed with energy efficient in mind, the DS413j consumes only 31.56 watts and 7.68 watts during full operation and HDD hibernation respectively, making it an ideal alternative to traditional power-demanding file and download server. The support of multiple scheduled power on/off and wake-on-LAN features further minimize carbon footprint. Its hardware design contributes to an ultra-quiet operation at 18.9 dB (A) that makes a quality living room and small office environment.

The DS413j runs on DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1, which provides rich features to boost user-productivity and simplify their tasks, all on a sleek user interface optimized for multitasking. DS411j, the predecessor of DS413j, has received numerous media recognitions worldwide, including “Best Buy” awards with full score from Computer Shopper, U.K.

For more information, please visit

Synology DiskStation DS413j is now shipping globally.


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