Synology has revealed their next Network Attached Storage, the DiskStation DS213+ which is a 2-bay device which features storage aimed at businesses both medium and small, which is the first 2013 model and features a dual-core 1GHz processor, alongside a brand new System Hibernation mode.

The DiskStation’s System Hibernation mode will also actively listen for network activity whilst reducing the amount of power, during which the device will consume just 2.64 watts of energy consumption and when it does detect network activity it will resume full operations.

Once the DiskStation goes back into full operation mode, the device will achieve average read speeds of 110.36MB/s, and average write speeds of 49.6MB/s, both of which are under a RAID 1 configuration in the Windows environment, and includes AES 256-bit encryption, which will reduce your read speeds to 49.6 MB/s and an average of 24.7MB/s for write speeds.

The DS213+ also includes a 64bit floating point to allow for a faster speed at which the user can decode and encode daily, there’s as an upgraded surveillance environment with the ability to stream 12 channels from HD IP cameras at the same time.

The DS213+ also includes two USB 3.0 ports, one eSATA port and a SD card slot, the DiskStation also has a noise dampening design and a 92mm system fan for airflow which generates only 19.9 dBs of noise.

The device will be available at major retailers from today for about £240, for more information check out the press release below.

[show_hide title=”Show Press Release”]Synology® Launches DiskStation DS213+ Where Robust Performance and Energy Efficiency Come as One Taipei, Taiwan—August 24, 2012—Synology® Inc. today unveiled the new DiskStation DS213+, a high performance 2-bay NAS server designed as a secure, energy efficient, and full-featured storage solution for small and medium businesses. “As the first 2013 model, the new DiskStation DS213+ shows that Synology has outdone itself once again. It delivers the fastest encrypted data transfer rate in the product sector, and yet it offers extreme power-savings at merely 2.64 watts of energy consumption during System Hibernation,” said Chad Chiang, product manager at Synology Inc. To ensure secure and efficient file sharing, the DS213+ boasts AES 256-bit encrypted read and write speed at 49.6 MB/sec and 24.7 MB/sec respectively. The new System Hibernation mode reduces power consumption, and is designed to actively listen for network activities to quickly resume the system back to full operations. In comparison to system shutdown, System Hibernation brings a closer balance between smart energy management and system responsiveness. “The combination of first-class performance and breakthrough energy-saving solution will once again deliver an amazing experience to our users,” added Chiang. Powered by a dual-core 1.067 GHz processor, the DS213+ features an average read speed at 110.36 MB/sec and write speed at 84.31 MB/sec under RAID 1 configuration in a Windows® environment. Further expanding users’ experience, the DS213+ includes a 64bit floating-point unit to greatly accelerate decoding and encoding process, where users will most welcome the vast performance improvement in multimedia related applications. In addition, DS213+ delivers an upgraded surveillance solution that streams 12 channels of high definition IP camera simultaneously to maximize all business security needs. Synology DS213+ is equipped with an SD card slot for plug-n-save solution, one eSATA port for external backup option, two USB 3.0 ports for higher data transmission, and a hot-swappable hard drive feature to increase system reliability. With noise dampening design and a 92 mm system fan, the DS213+ improves its overall airflow and minimizes the noise level to 19.9 dB(A), making it much quieter compared to PC counterparts. The DS213+ runs DiskStation Manager 4.0 (DSM 4.0), the operating system of every Synology NAS Server. DSM 4.0 provides rich features to boost user productivity and simplify their tasks, all on a sleek user interface optimized for multitasking. DS212+, the predecessor of DS213+, has been recognized by numerous worldwide media outlets, including receiving full score (5 out of 5 stars) from the Netherlands PCM. For more information, please visit Availability Synology DiskStation DS213+ is now shipping globally.[/show_hide]


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