The smart thermometer called tado° announced that they will be one of the first launch partners for the Amazon Echo in the UK.

This comes after Amazon announced that the Amazon Echo would be coming to the UK and Germany earlier today, and after tado°’s recent launch in the US.

What makes tado° interesting, is that it provides you with the usual smart thermostat features that you would expect, in a sleek white design and features that allows it to control your heating remotely, from the app, you can increase or decrease your home’s temperature right from the app.

You can also use tado° as a digital assistant in the background, with automatic controls for your heating based on your preferences and location.

From the launch of the Amazon Echo in the UK, tado° will work with the Alexa personal assistant, allowing you to use phrases like “Alexa, set (living room) temperature to 22 degrees”, or “Alexa, increase (bedroom) temperature by three degrees” to control your heating with your voice.

We expect to hear from other launch partners for the Amazon Echo over the next few weeks, as soon as we do, we will let you know.

Amazon will be available in the UK from Autumn for £149, and you can pick up the Tado Smart Thermostat V3 starter kit that includes the smart thermostat and internet bridge for £199, or for £6 a month for two starter kits.

There’s also another version called the Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit that includes two Smart Radiator Thermostat and the bridge costs £179, and additional Smart Radiator Thermostats will be priced at £59.

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