The worst thing about going to an airport is the thought of losing your luggage, but there are ways to try to avert this, one of which is a new “next generation” luggage tag called the Tagonce.

Available to back on the Kickstarter crowdfunding service, it uses a companion applications on iOS, Android and Windows devices, allowing you to engage with your contact information.

The project was started by Brian Jej Anderson from Copenhagen, who explains more:

Everything is set – you’re on your way on vacation and are just in time for your flight. You reach the airport and scan the check-in area for a luggage tag on which you can quickly jot down your contact information. Either you don’t find one or if you do you may end up not having time enough to write your contact information in a readable manner before you reach the check in counter for your luggage – sounds familiar?

This exact scenario played itself out over and over for my wife and I when we were flying. Finally, on a trip to Paris my wife and I said to each other: Clearly there must be an easier solution for this. But there wasn’t, so we created Tagonce.

Check out the video below for a look at Tagonce, you can also back the project for just $6 to grab one upon completion at the source link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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