The return of the BBC’s Planet Earth series has been widely watched this year, breaking viewing records in the UK and probably also in the US very soon as it makes its way across the pond.

The team who made the series have today announced that they are working on a new project to bring this experience to virtual reality platforms. Called BBC Earth, it comes as part of a partnership with Oculus in which the BBC will launch three new VR experiences for the Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets.

Viewers of these episodes will be able to interact with each episode that will showcase the daily adventures are various animals, including a Caracal Cat, an Oogpister Beetle and Black Bears. Within these, viewers will be able to pause and zoom in the interact with an animal in full 360 degrees.

There will also be another episode in which the viewer will assume the role of an Oogpister Beetle, scurrying through the African Savannah to get to safety.

There will also be another episode named Bear Island which will follow Black Bears as they make their way to an Alaskan river.

Viewers will be able to jump between perspectives and storylines in this experience.

They will be released in the coming weeks, with all of the episodes expected to be released before the end of January for free for the first three months.

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