The developers of Quantum Break, Remedy has this week released a new trailer for the upcoming game, as well as explaining how the game will play out, stating that “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game.” as well as claiming that the game will deliver an  “unprecedented fusion of cinematic gameplay and high-quality, live-action storytelling”.

“Quantum Break is set in the fictional North Eastern U.S. Riverport University where a time travel experiment has gone wrong, giving the three main characters, Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene the ability to manipulate time. Paul Serene, for example, can see into the future to decide which choices to make in the present.”

That said we don’t know too much about the game as of yet, however we have been told that an official reveal of the game will be made available at the upcoming Gamescom 2014 event, which will take place from August 13th to August 17th 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

After which time the game is set to launch sometime in 2015 according to the developer, and will be available exclusively on the Xbox One.

As of yet however no exact release date has been announced.

Source: Major Nelson

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