A couple of technology bloggers from India, had what they thought was the perfect all expenses paid trip to this years IFA Trade Show, one which included flights and accommodation paid for by Samsung under their “Samsung Mobilers” programme, but upon turning up. Clinton Jeff and his partner were told that they were expected to wear Samsung uniforms and work as staff at the company’s booths, promoting Samsung’s products to the press, not writing about them.

Of course the two bloggers protested, after which Samsung withdrew their funding leaving the duo stranded in a country they wouldn’t normally belong to, lucky enough for them a rep from Nokia stepped in and paid for their flights and hotel costs till the end of their stay.

This is not the only time a “misunderstanding” like this has happened as a French technology blogger named, France Quiqueré also logged a similar complaint against the technology manufacturer, after he was offered a paid trip to this years London Olympics but wasn’t allowed to actually see any of the major events, and instead promoting it on their own web channels forced to create videos, pictures and daily reports of them doing such.

The story of the two was first revealed by The Next Web who named the programme, “Samsung’s fanboy factory”, however it’s not all on Samsung’s part as the two bloggers have been criticised for not properly understanding communications from the company and although they insist they told Samsung that they would only travel at their expense if they could work independently, Samsung reps say they has agreed to be promoters of the product not as bloggers of the event.

After they declined to take part the company told them they would be brought bak home immediately unless they agreed to wear the company tee, but then Nokia entered the story agreeing to pay for the two to take a plane back home with no coverage or mentions in return.

In a statement about the story Samsung said the following:

“Samsung Mobilers is a voluntary community of active Samsung mobile device users, who are offered the opportunity to participate in our marketing events across the world. At these events, all activities they undertake are on a voluntary basis. No activities are forced upon them.

“We regret there was a misunderstanding between the Samsung Mobilers coordinators and the relevant blogger, as we understand he was not sufficiently briefed on the nature of Samsung Mobilers’ activities at IFA 2012. We have been attempting to get in touch with him. We respect the independence of bloggers to publish their own stories.”

Which is the part we actually take Samsung’s side on this one, as by signing up the two bloggers are agreeing to join a marketing programme that requires them to take part is missions where they must promote certain products and features from Samsung in return for rewards, and I’m sorry to say this was one of those missions, and with the blogging community being what it is, every step towards bigger and better content is key.

Butt that isn’t to say that the company did the right thing, as they didn’t by a long shot, and the duo of tech bloggers should have never been put in the position where they were left stranded in an unknown country, asking companies like Nokia for help.

Via: The Guardian

Source: The Next Web

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