It’s coming to our 1st year anniversary in just under a month, and for it, we want to give you guys something as thanks for sticking by through this time.

But were just not sure what to give you, so were going to ask you to vote.

All you have to do, if you would like to vote is head on over to our Facebook page will you will see a voting status, choose the one you would want to win the most and the one which receives the most will be given away on the 11th of June 2012 (we will post a giveaway from closer to the date).

Don’t despair if you’re not a fan of Facebook however as you can also vote right here!

To do this just leave us a comment below with one of the following and we’ll add it to the votes from Facebook.

  1. Freetime Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Mophie Juice Pack (In your choice of color and model)
  3. A recent video game
  4. £30-£50 of gift cards
  5. Biometal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm

Also, if you don’t like any of the items we have chosen why not tell us in the comments below.

Update: We didn’t choose any of them, and instead went for an iPad 3, check that competition out here.

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